Sunday, 16 August 2015

Did someone call a Doctor?

Summer 2015 has been the year my elder sister has graduated from university having studied medicine for a long and hard six years. She has worked for it and deserves to be where she is today. So in celebration of her graduation I decided to have a first time go at decorating a themed cake with fondant icing. You can take a good guess at what the theme is (Doctor!)

Having not ever really given my hand to decorating with fondant icing before, it took a good couple of hours to complete the cake before I was happy with it. The key to it, is practice, patience and the ability to keep up with cleaning your mess along the way - or it could look a bit of a bomb site by the end, unless you can work well with those conditions, then go ahead without the cleaning!

In the past from growing up and having fondant covered cake, the cakes have always been your typical vanilla sponge with some butter cream and jam. I am not really a fan of these plain cakes and I felt I was eating the cake for the sake of the occasion. I want my baking to be enjoyed and to be people to be asking for the recipe and wanting more, not taking the piece home in a napkin to leave in the cupboard and throw away the next day.

So with this cake, I was unable to bake a chocolate cake because my Mum suffers from migraines and chocolate is a trigger. I asked my dad for a bit of advice as he too would be eating it and he suggested something in relation to the dessert of sticky toffee pudding (which my sister LOVES). After some searching, I came across the recipe Gloriously Sticky Toffee Cake by Miranda Gore Brown. This cake came out perfectly and with the butter cream icing and the fondant icing tasted a great combination.

Where is this cake you ask... 

tah dahhh

You can find the recipe for the Sticky Toffee Cake here : Recipe

Until next time bakers!

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